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procedure of breast MRI
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Breast MRI procedure

The patient lies down on her stomach on the machine. Gadolinium, a contrast medium, will be administered intravenously. You must keep still throughout the exam, which lasts about 30-45 minutes.

It is important to bring the duly completed doctor’s referral. It is also important to bring your previous mammogram films. The radiologist will want to look at them during the interpretation of your MRI. You can pick them up the next day or we can return them to you by mail, whichever you prefer.

When to have a breast MRI

The menstrual cycle must be taken into account. The exam is done between the 7th and 14th day of the cycle. In post-menopausal women, hormones must not be taken for a period of 6 weeks.


Your exam results will be sent to your doctor within 48-72 hours following your exam. We do not provide results over the phone.

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